Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Hump Day (Is For Chumps) - Holiday Break-up Special

Is that hang-over taking away from the "happy" in your New Year? Then this can only make you feel better:

January is the "break-up" month for couples -- Snopes - Cold temperatures aren't the only thing frosty about January - it's also widely known as the "break-up" month because more couples break up during that month than any other.

The Value of Men Maintaining Their Own Spaces -- I think alot of these LTRs die because the man gets bored to tears. The woman senses his lack of interest and starts pushing him away. Solution? Keep your distance. Analyze how many hours per week can I really spend with this person... halve that number and stick to the program...

It's well known that Christmas and holidays are the time when most family breakups occur. WHY? Because too much time together = stifling, boring, tedious and GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!

Could She Just Walk Out of Your Life? -- Bonecrker - Could? Will is more like it. She WILL walk out of your life without remorse. This is a concept you absolutely must understand when dealing with western women. She WILL walk out of your life without remorse AND, depending on how embedded she was in your life, cause varying levels of problems WHEN she leaves AND, depending on how fucked up she is, try to harm you and/or any children you have together, up to the limit you allow her to.

Part of Breaking Up is About the Drama -- Bonecrker - Women are neurotic freaks and very insecure. Part of the dumping process, for them, is the drama. They want you to crawl, to try to get them to stay. If you just don’t care, it’s devastating to them. Even worse is if you beat her to the punch and dump her first.

When She Asks You To Be Exclusive... Play This Song -- The Quest for 50 - My buddy Lancelot sent me this song, inspired by the conversations he and I often face that go something like this:

Girl: “So… I need to know if we’re exclusive or what. This casual sex thing doesn’t work for me (anymore).”

He and I both give a variation of the same answer, and he quickly put his version into musical form.
Cold temperatures aren't the only thing frosty about January — it's also widely known as the "break-up" month because more couples split up during that month than at any other time of the year.

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