Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tight-Ass Tuesday Tips

Resilience on a Budget -- Resilient Communities - As a quick refresher, remember that in 1972 President Nixon removed the gold standard from our financial system. This means that our paper money is only backed by the “faith and trust of the US Government.” In other words, that $100 bill in your wallet is only worth $100 worth of goods and services if someone else is willing to accept it in trade. We have seen countless societies completely collapse from their reliance on similar currency systems – including the ancient Roman Empire. So…it is in our best interest to focus less on cash whenever possible; instead looking for alternative ways to get what we need.

Are Warm Houses Making Us Fat? -- One Hundred Dollars a Month -  While browsing the world wide web  the other day, I ran across this article on treehugger that suggests that cranking up the heat in our homes during the winter could be making us fat.  At first, I was like, I am pretty sure eating too much crap is making us fat, but the article had an interesting argument that I thought I would throw out to you.

A Cheap Workbench - If you need a workbench for your garage or basement, keep an eye out for a discarded sideboard from a dining room set. Nail a sheet of plywood on top and you have a good, solid workbench with drawers and cabinets. 

Save Styrofoam for Kids in the Workshop - If you have a child who likes to work with you in the workshop, keep the scrap Styrofoam you get from various boxes & packages. Children can easily saw and nail into them without getting frustrated.

1 Old Ladder, 3 Ways Repurposed -- Off-Grid Homestead - We have a worn wooden ladder that has been in the family for a long time, probably older than both our ages combined. It might have ended up rotting at the dump if we couldn’t use it for something in our small space. But we were pleased to find a use for it, 3 ways to repurpose old wooden ladder:

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