Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Sunday Review, 8th Issue, December 8th, 2013

Bank 'Bail-in' Plan Shouldn't Worry Canadians, Carney Says -- CBC News - Mark Carney says policy-makers are working diligently to devise an international "bail-in" regime to prevent big bank failures, but he offered no guarantee global depositors would be protected under all circumstances.

Is There Life on Mars? -- The Advanced Apes - I have always been fascinated by questions related to our biological uniqueness. We have no evidence that life evolved more than once in the universe. But of course our universe is vast and homogenous. We now have strong evidence that there are billions of planets in our galaxy and billions of galaxies throughout the observable universe. The odds that biology is an “Earth-only” phenomenon is highly improbable. At the same time, we would like to be able to demonstrate scientifically that this assumption is correct… and that requires evidence.

How I Make 10k Per Month Online -- Bold and Determined - Below I will outline the income, expenses and profit report for the month of November 2013. Instead of showing you some pictures of hot tubs, or mansions, or (rented) sports cars I’m going to show you the nuts and bolts of a real, successful blog.

This is Just the Beginning -- Hawaiian Libertarian - When you fill out the account info on the site [for Obamacare], unless you're using a proxy server or some other means of masking your IP address, you are giving the Government your social security number and the IP address (or even GPS coordinates if you have any GPS apps running on your device) directly linked with all the other private info you submit with your application, that they can then use to cross reference all other internet activities connected to that same IP address.

Coffee Can Hobo Stove -- Survival Punk - Stoves and cooking are two things I love. Maybe I’m just a pyromaniac foodie at heart. After several alcohol stoves, esbit stoves and my Jetboil with modifications, I decided it was time to make a wood burning hobo stove. I had a empty coffee can saved up just for this project and decided it was finally time. Enough jiba jabba lets get to building!
There's No Such Thing as Science -- Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada -  Conservatives are often accused of being anti-science, science deniers and other such epithets. I have heard people say things like “I don’t believe in God, I believe in science.” All of this terminology makes a serious definitional mistake. There is a tendency to treat “science” as a noun, a thing, an object. It is treated as something that can be believed and disbelieved, something you can trust or distrust. That is not what science is. The linguistic classification of science as a noun has confused people. But just as with other linguistic quirks such as a “pair” of pants only referring to one object, we should not let ourselves confuse form and function.

If You Can Train a Chicken, You Can Train Anything -- Modern Farmer - Chickens might seem to be a strange proxy for dogs, but the vast differences in the species’ temperament and behavior is exactly what attracts attendants to Ryan’s Chicken Training Camps in Sequim, Washington each September. “Dog trainers come with baggage,” explains Ryan. “They know how to train a dog, but when dog trainers train a chicken they have to check their egos at the door.”

Beyond "Sissy" Resilience: On Becoming Anti-Fragile -- The Art of Manliness - If you want to succeed and dominate, to separate yourself from the pack and become the last man standing in any area of life, it’s no longer enough to bounce back from adversity and volatility – to simply be resilient. You have to bounce back stronger and better. You have to become antifragile.

Turning the Proper Role of Government Upside Down -- Patrick Barron, an Austrian Economist - This is the problem; i.e., that people have come to rely upon government to tax their neighbors to pay for things for which they should be responsible themselves. It makes no sense from an economic or ethical perspective NOT to be responsible for saving for one's own retirement. It is as if we are all in a giant circle, picking the pocket of the person in front of us. Let's just stop picking the other guy's pocket, which will mean that our pocket doesn't get picked and we are able to take care of ourselves.

The Race is On for a Gold Backed Bitcoin -- Sprott Money Blog - According to the Financial Times, the UK Royal Mint has been in talks since this summer to issue its own physical gold bitcoins. The intention to make the physical coins with 500 pounds worth of gold. This would ensure that if the price of bitcoins were to collapse, then the gold coin itself would still hold its melt value.
Bitcoin Mints Its First Billionaire -- Alec Liu - Who is Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s enigmatic creator? Is he Dread Pirate Roberts, the founder of the Silk Road? (No, says Texan Hacker Dustin Trammell. Is he Gavin Andresen, Bitcoin’s lead open source developer? (Gavin denies this.) Is he Shinichi Mochizuki, the reclusive mathematics prodigy, as alleged by computing pioneer Ted Nelson? Or is he the US government, an NSA researcher like Tatsuaki Okamoto, or some other DARPA pawn? Without hard evidence, we may never know. What we do know is that Satoshi just became the first Bitcoin billionaire.

The Hydra's Eternal Rebellion -- Stares at the World - The Left is fundamentally parasitical in nature, needing the lifeblood of civilization to survive (it has been observed many times that Feminists couldn’t build a civilization on their own, and Marxists are never happy remaining isolated on their collectivized farm) but despite the succour that patriarchal traditionalism grants them, they wage eternal war on it, tearing at it piece by piece.  Each heads will specialize, undermining the others, while simultaneously working in tandem.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Equity Valuations (And Didn't Know To Ask) -- Zero Hedge - The stock market. Source of unknown riches - but not necessarily for investors. So-called "professional" investors offer to manage your money. However, their fees are based on the level of assets managed, not performance. Hence their goal is to maximize assets, not performance, and pray for markets to behave. You will never hear a bad word about stocks from a professional money manager. the by-laws of many mutual funds do not allow the manager to have cash levels above 5% of assets. He has to be invested at least 95% at all times. On one hand, it is probably right to force money managers to concentrate on stock picking, not market timing. On the other hand, this puts the onus of market timing onto the inidiviual investors. Lighthouse's Alex Gloy's excellent presentation below proves finance doesn't have to be complex (people make it complex).

We Must Be Free to Question Rape Laws -- Spiked -  The discussion around issues related to rape is now so rife with intellectual bigotry and dishonesty that it is hard to know where to begin dissecting it. It is no underestimation to say that a portion of those contributing to this debate are engaged in a willful distortion of the truth and a cowardly drive to close down any challenge to their false consensus.

We Work to Pay - Hydro Hike Reaction -- Off-Grid - The companies have figured they are losing so much money that they have to increase until we are all increased out. If I could afford to outfit my home so I could live off the grid I would. Then they wouldn’t get anything.
What the Hell Just Happened in Cordoba? -- Testosterone Pit - In the last 24 hours, the province of Córdoba spiraled out of control, with the very fabric of society being torn apart after a sudden absence of law and order sent a portion of the population into a looting frenzy and residents and store owners boarded up windows and doors, grabbed their shotguns and climbed to their roofs, waiting for the inevitable encounter with the enemy.

Welfare is the New Middle Class -- Matt Forney - At first, I was befuddled. How did they come with such a low rate? I have been researching Obamacare since day one; was I missing something? How are they coming up with $50 or less per month? I decided to fake apply for insurance on the New York City exchange, and the least expensive plan I was offered was for $170 a month. I wrote back to the person who sent me this picture and I said, “Those numbers can’t be correct, that would be the least expensive plan in the entire country!” The response I received made my jaw drop: They are including Medicaid and subsidies. 

When Women Stop Loving Beta Males -- Chateau Heartiste - That feminist-lauded “support network” with Hillary-esque “it takes a village” overtones will surely become less supportive as increasing numbers of men disillusioned with the growing ranks of cad-chasing sluts drop out, taking their sweat and their money with them, ultimately depriving the state of its ability to transfer resources from men to women. Civilization banks on getting men to invest in its continuance, and the tool it uses is monogamy and guarantees of one woman-one man. If women renege on their end of the deal… well, don’t be surprised if men renege on theirs.

The End of Evolution -- Fred Reed - Having gotten a lot of intelligent and thoughtful mail following a recent column on Darwin, a bit of it telling tme to read Richard Dawkins, the Amway Salesman of Evolutionism (I have read him, actually), I determined to respond here rather than individually. I rpomise to shut up on the subject for a long time hereafter.

The One Word A Man Should Never Use -- Return of Kings - You may have noticed feminists use the word ‘gender’ instead of the word ‘sex.’ They say ‘transgender’ instead of ‘transsexual,’ ‘transvestite,’ ‘hermaphrodite,’ or ‘misfit.’ ’Gendered identity.’ ‘Gender roles.’ ‘Gender queer.’ Up until the middle of the 20th century, the word gender was rarely used. Except in occasional casual use, its use was limited to grammar – to say whether a word was feminine or masculine for instance. In many languages, such as French and Portuguese, a word has a masculine or feminine form – and the speaker must know which one to use to speak properly. In English, the distinction rarely matters – only a few words are gendered, like aviatrix and waitress, senatrix and mayoress. And nowadays, most such words are obscure and archaic.
Financial Crisis Don't Happen By Accident, They Are Inevitable -- Marc Faber - As a distant but interested observer of history and investment markets I am fascinated how major events that arose from longer-term trends are often explained by short-term causes. The First World War is explained as a consequence of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian-Hungarian throne; the Depression in the 1930s as a result of the tight monetary policies of the Fed; the Second World War as having been caused by Hitler; and the Vietnam War as a result of the communist threat.

Canadian Artists Need to Swim on Their Own -- Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada - Getting involved with politics is always a dicey move. This is especially so considering the only reason for seeking out the state is personal benefit. Whatever advantage one derives from the political class stays in a period of authoritative limbo, forever subject to the individuals who brought it into existence. As the old saying goes, “a government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.” It’s a simple lesson that goes unheard all too often. The welfarists who moan about the need for greater subsidies never fail to reel back in horror when their preferred policies are cut. The same goes for the litany of industries who gorge at the trough of public finances. When the well dries up, the demands for “more” come out. Common sense dictates that if you want autonomy, you don’t beg the most coercive institution in society for favors.

In Good Spirits: Pictures Capture Wild Celebrations as Prohibition Finally ENDED 80 Years Ago This Week -- Mail Online - It was known as the 'Noble Experiment' but when prohibition came to end 80 years ago there were few who missed the dry days. The 14-year ban on making and selling alcohol gave rise to a shady period of booze smuggling and speakeasies, where characters such as Al Capone made sure those in the know could still enjoy a drink. The ban, which ended on December 5, 1933, also gave rise to the cocktail, as bartenders came up with new mixes to sweeten the taste of the moonshine whiskey and bathtub gin.
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