Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Sunday Review, 10th Edition, December 22, 2013

The "Other" Anniversary That's Far More Important -- Sovereign Man - While the Fed engages in its self-aggrandizement this afternoon, there is another far more important anniversary today– the Boston Tea Party. It was this day in 1773 that dozens of men dumped 342 chests of tea from 3 ships into the water. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that it started with bankers.

The Four Biggest Mistakes in Stock and Futures Trading Strategies -- Safe Haven - 1. Lack Of A Trading Plan  2. Using To Much Leverage  3. Failure to Control Risk  4. Lack Of Self-Discipline

Selco On Collapse Survival: "Nature is Brutal... Everyone's Life Is In Danger -- SHTF Plan - The idea of surviving in a post-collapse world has often been romanticized in novels and ‘reality’ television shows. The systems goes down, chaos ensues, those who prepare survive and end up at the top of a fallen society. It’s a story we all want to believe and idealize, but the reality is starkly different. When it hits the fan it will be nothing like we have ever imagined. Save for those who have spent time in a war zone, most of us cannot fathom the destruction, death and destitution that will come with a destabilization of our economic and political systems.

The Manosphere vs. the Mainstream: Producers vs. Parasites -- Matt Forney -  That’s the problem with the reactionary business model of the mainstream media; anyone can do what they do, thus anyone could potentially overtake GawkerxoJane et al. and consign them to the scrap heap. That’s another reason why leftist sites are constantly trying to out-victim each other by inventing new “-isms” and “phobias” to rail against: to stay one step ahead in the Outrage Olympics. Being anti-misogynist isn’t enough anymore; now you have to be against cissexism as well! Opposing homophobia is so 2006; attacking transphobia is all the rage now! When you join the Pity Party, you’re stuck in a never-ending game of one-upsmanship, where the loser ends up mercilessly crushed between the tank treads of progress!

Canadian Politician Condemns 'Cyber Bullying' by Teenager Who Put Her Lesbian Topless Shower Scene Online -- Mail Online - 'I signed a contract ... for my image only to be used in 'The L Word' show. It's not just the image of the picture that was disturbing. It was the way that these people ... suddenly targeted me. It increased in velocity and intent. It was constant and it was harassing.' I was being cyberbullied so I felt that I needed to call the police. The police suggested that I call the CyberScan unit as well and that's what they're there for. That's why we legislated them, so that they'd be there to help people who feel that they are being bullied by other people online,' she said.
Bailey the Unknown Reindeer:

Gold Investors: Take the Red Pill -- Deviant Investor - We make choices in our thinking, lifestyle, savings and investments. We can look reality squarely in the face and swallow the red pill (from the movie - "The Matrix") or, we can swallow the blue pill with a healthy dose of whiskey, continue riding the roller coaster of mass delusion and go back to watch "Reality TV" and the evening news. Either way we will experience the consequences of our actions and our thinking.

Are You Guilty of Starting a "Bee Business"? -- Bold & Determined - They say 90% of small businesses fail in the first year. What they don’t take into account is that most “businesses” aren’t business, they are delusions of business. How many times have you heard someone talk about a “ceramics” business, a “fashion” business, some MLM scheme or some internet get rich quick business? These types of delusions aren’t businesses, never could be businesses, and they are typically abandoned when the “business owner” comes to reality.

The Taper Is On - 8 Way That This Is Going To Affect You And Your Family -- The Economic Collapse - The unelected central planners at the Federal Reserve have decided that the time has come to slightly taper the amount of quantitative easing that it has been doing.  On Wednesday, the Fed announced that monthly purchases of U.S. Treasury bonds will be reduced from $45 billion to $40 billion, and monthly purchases of mortgage-backed securities will be reduced from $35 billion to $30 billion.  When this news came out, it sent shockwaves through financial markets all over the planet.  But the truth is that not that much has really changed.  The Federal Reserve will still be recklessly creating gigantic mountains of new money out of thin air and massively intervening in the financial marketplace.  It will just be slightly less than before.  However, this very well could represent a very important psychological turning point for investors.  It is a signal that "the party is starting to end" and that the great bull market of the past four years is drawing to a close.  So what is all of this going to mean for average Americans?  The following are 8 ways that "the taper" is going to affect you and your family...

7 Tips to Keep You Alive and Found in the Wilderness -- Survival Sherpa -  Spend enough time with Mother Nature and you’ll likely experience emergencies. Even the most innocent outings are potential survival situations. That fishing trip can turn nasty for all the wrong reasons. Your day hike may find you sleeping under the stars with a busted knee. Always carry a minimal what-if emergency kit. With these tools, a survival mind-set, and Doing the Stuff skills, you increase your odds of staying alive and being found.

Justice for Zimmerman -- American Renaissance - In this remarkable book about the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, investigative reporter Jack Cashill recounts one of the most recent and dismal instances of the railroading of an innocent man who, though obviously Hispanic, was considered white enough to be portrayed as a racist killer. Even those who followed the events closely will learn a great deal from this book about what could have been a grotesque injustice. 
We make choices in our thinking, lifestyle, savings, and investments. We can look reality squarely in the face and swallow the red pill (from the movie – “The Matrix”). Or, we can swallow the blue pill with a healthy slug of whisky, continue riding the roller coaster of mass delusion, and go back to watching “Reality TV” and the evening news. Either way we will experience the consequences of our actions and our thinking. - See more at:
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