Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Hump Day (Is For Chumps) - The Joys of Giving

Gifts -- Bonecrker - Gifts are important if you are in a relationship. The rule here is, except for flowers, no gifts except on the big three... your anniversary, her birthday and Christmas. A man has to strike a fine line between getting a good gift and "paying for performance". They need to be moderately expensive (from $50 to a couple hundred or more depending on how rich you are) but can never be richly expensive (ie, no matter how rich you are, $500 is a bad idea). More than that though, they need to be symbolic. By that, they must represent care and thought put into them. You lose points for asking what she wants and gain points at playing the game: she hints at what she likes and you take notes.

Gifts -- Understanding Women & The Rules for Men - Gifts can be good at eliciting emotions and even smoothing the rough spots, but don't make the mistake of giving the wrong kind. You'll go broke and not accomplish what you intended. Since women's emotions are so powerful, realize that all gifts to women have a soothing effect and "goodwill time frame" that is proportional to the emotion evoked. This has nothing to do with the value or utility of the gift, believe me. Whether you're in the early stages of a relationship or have been married ten years, never give expensive gifts, agree to extensive home remodeling that you don't particularly want, expensive trips, etc. in the hope that it will improve her feelings for you. If you do, you'll be paying for the expenditure long after your girlfriend or wife has stopped smiling at you for what you did. Instead, give little nothing gifts like a funny card, or a stuffed animal holding flowers, and say "I was thinking of you today." Do this at unexpected times. A week later (or maybe even the next day), the $12 stuffed Dalmatian with the heart-shaped spots will be forgotten, and your woman's attitude will probably (and understandably) be "What have you done for me lately?" But guess what? The same thing will happen a week after you agree to pay for her eight-year-old's private school tuition, which is a $120,000 tab over ten years. You do the math. The exception to this rule is if you decide to give an expensive, useful gift to a woman who needs it and who has been exceptionally good to you already. Few men do this. Men usually give presents, take women to expensive restaurants, etc. in the hope that the recipient will be grateful. THIS DOES NOT WORK. Expensive gifts should always be unexpected rewards. They should never be attempted inducements. 

Gift Game -- Alpha Game - In The Book of Basketball, Bill Simmons has a footnote about a freshman gift gone woefully awry. In an apt comparison to the MVP vote for Wes Unseld, he recalls buying a half-dozen roses for a girl with whom he'd made out a few days before. Her reaction to the gift was so negative that he concludes a handful of plutonium would have gone over better; apparently she nearly left treadmarks running away from him.

20+ Ultimate DIY Gifts to Help Load Santa's Survival Sleigh -- Survival Sherpa -  Bless her heart, my mom still uses a paper towel holder I made for her in 7th grade shop class. To everyone’s amazement, my hand-crafted gift has dispensed thousands of sheets of ‘napkins’ for over 40 years! It’s not that my gift was the best designed dispenser of Bounty. It takes up counter space, and admittedly, isn’t real pleasing to the eye. However, it was never conveniently ‘lost.’ What’s the secret to my gift’s longevity in my mom’s kitchen? I made it with my hands! The simple pinewood piece meant more to my mom than if had plopping down a few bucks at K-Mart for an ugly Christmas sweater.


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