Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Tight-Ass Tuesday - November 5, 2013

Use Prepper Skills to Avoid Wasting Food -- Apartment Prepper - The same self-sufficiency skills that we are learning as preppers also come in handy in helping stretch the food dollar by avoiding waste.

Further into Minimalism: Gov't Flu -- Dannyfrom504 - i can live comfortable, mostly off the land, don’t need public services, i prefer isolation, i’ve grown tired of consumerism, and i’d MUCH rather carve out my own path than have an administration corral me into what they think i should be. no, that’s not the Cajun way.

Who Pays? -- Bonecrker -  So, who should pay [for dates]? My answer is you should dodge the question entirely. Never go anyplace that costs money. Go places like walks and picnics and parks. Jokingly tell her that you expect for her to pay. Dump any woman that constantly sniffs around for gifts or expects you to take her to expensive places.

Ten Money Saving Tips You Can Use Today -- Always Save Money - 1). Clip Coupons, 2). Take Your Lunch to Work, 3). Walk and Bike, 4). Be Careful When Buying Items on Sale, 5). Don't Assume Buying in Bulk Saves Money, 6). Check the Portion Sizes at Restaurants 7). Take Advantage of Social Buying Sites, 8). Don't Pay Bank Fees, 9). Buy Smaller Fruits and Vegetables, 10). Dine Out on Weekdays

Small is Beautiful -- Tiny House Blog - As the filmmakers point out, the lower costs associated with the tiny house life (building costs are typically less than a tenth of those of an average American house, and two thirds of tiny house people have no mortgage or credit card debt) give the occupant the freedom to pursue the life they want.

Quick Tip: Simple Firewood Shelter

If you don't yet have a woodshed, you can set up a simple firewood shelter in the following way:

Pound two poles into the ground that accommodates the length of your woodpile and then find a piece of corrugated plastic to match its size, and cut two holes for the poles. As you remove the firewood, the plastic will simply slide down the poles while keeping your wood dry.

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