Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Sunday Review, 5th Issue, November 17, 2013

An Interview with David Berlinski -- The TOF Spot - Consider the latest Pew poll. “Two-thirds of Americans,” the New York Times reported, “say that creationism should be taught alongside evolution in public schools.” But even among those quite persuaded of Darwin’s theory, “18 percent said that evolution was ‘guided by a supreme being.’” Now these are astonishing figures. They represent an authentic popular revolt against elite thought. I cannot remember anything like it. The fact that so many Darwinian biologists are utterly tone-deaf when it comes to debate has hardly helped their case. It is no small thing to have appeared before the American public in a way that suggests both illimitable arrogance and scientific insecurity.

Politicians Are All Jabbering About Creating Jobs (Doing What?) -- Testosterone Pit - The internet has been the biggest job killer in history. If you look at the rise of the internet and the job participation chart, you will see that as the internet grew, jobs shrunk. This trend will continue.

Flooded By False Rape Allegations -- Angry Harry - The evidence very strongly suggests that the vast majority of such allegations made to the police these days are malicious and false. And they are mostly being made by women who are seeking some kind of advantage for themselves by seeking to use the state to inflict violence on their behalf.

Old School Soap... Hopefully -- Fruhlingskabine Micro Farm - Yesterday we ran out of regular bar soap in the house. So what does a crazy wannabe-homesteader do when she runs out of soap? She makes some. From scratch. I’m talkin’ old school fat and lye sop here, not that easy melt-and-pour stuff.

Rules for Radical -- Apocalypse Cometh - The left and the elites have taken Saul Alinsky and his writings as their own and have used his insights to defeat their enemies, imagined and real. But, Alinsky must be rolling in his grave seeing how his commonsense ways to fight back against what he saw as the elite’s war against the people that make this country work has been coerced into an elite program of propaganda and personal ruination.
Why Obamacare is Such a Fantastic Success - From The Trenches World Report - The real sign that this is a purposeful attack upon capitalism is how many Obama administration members and Democratic Congressmen are openly calling Tea Party Republicans and anyone who wants to stop Obamacare “terrorists.” There’s the clue. Even the clueless GOP should be able to see that. They are calling the reasonable people…the patriots…the people who believe in the Constitution…the people who believe exactly what the Founding Fathers believed…the people who want to take power away from corrupt politicians who have put America $17 trillion in debt…terrorists? 

Corporate Commissariat Coming Under Fire -- The Spearhead - The economists hadn’t reckoned on the fact that 93 percent of the HR staffers deciding whether to call in someone for an interview were female. It turns out that HR women (who also tend to be young and single and hence still in the dating market for men) are eager to meet with handsome men. But they’re jealous of beautiful women. So your business is losing out on talented people (and wasting time with untalented ones) based on their looks. 

Canadian Province Issues Offshore Yuan-Denominated Bonds -- Caixin Online - Canada's western province of British Columbia said on November 5 it had completed the issuance of one-year offshore yuan-denominated bonds and raised 2.5 billion yuan.

Next Generation Gaming: Should I Get the Xbox One or a PS4? -- Apartment Therapy - The highly anticipated next generation of video game consoles from Sony and Microsoft launch just in time for the holiday season. With hot new hardware, apps, games, and interactive features, these systems go from simple gaming systems to full on do-it-all black boxes. So how to decide which of the two to buy? We break down the fight with our pre-game analysis.

Correlation, Causation, and Racism in "Science" -- Stares at the World - You’ve got to love the modern pseudo-science of polling. 
Handmade Forest House in Oregon -- Tiny House Design - It’s a Japanese design inspired timber frame home tucked into a temperate rain forest. It sits on a 14′ x 16′ footprint and is made from locally found and salvaged materials.

It's Never A Good Time To Buy Gold -- Silver Doctors/TF Metals - When price is rising, you don’t want to buy because it’s too expensive.  When price is falling, you don’t want to buy because the trend is down, and it could always fall farther.  Additionally, central banks are regularly selling their gold and apparently, nobody every buys it.  And the professionals, who manage investments for a living, do not recommend it because, well, “market conditions”.  When you really get right down to it, there is never EVER a good time to buy gold. But you know something else I’ve learned?  Whether price is rising or falling, if you don’t buy gold, well… you won’t have any.  Funny how that works, isn’t it?

The Single Most Disastrous Effect of Forced Schooling on Preparedness and Self-Reliance -- Survival Sherpa - Nothing about prison-like school buildings comes from research as to how children learn best. ‘Experts’ would have you believe the myth that educational best practices only take place when your child is packed into cubicle classrooms with 30 other children of the same age group. The truth of the matter is that schools extinguish your child’s natural curiosity, drive to play, and socialization. These foundations of learning crumble under the pressure of teach-the-test and the reward-punishment system in our schools.

If You Liked ObamaCare, You'll Love ObamaCar -- The People's Cube - In an effort to win back the hearts of the American People, the White House today announced its support of the new ObamaCar program.

Marriage Equality -- Hawaiian Libertarian - This new law signifies two things: its just another milestone for the gradual, incremental progress for the social engineering of our society towards the Brave New World Order, and oh yeah...the Family Law Industrial Complex in Hawaii has just acquired a whole new niche market for developing future revenue streams.

In an effort to win back the hearts of the American People, the White House today announced its support of the new ObamaCar program. - See more at:

In an effort to win back the hearts of the American People, the White House today announced its support of the new ObamaCar program. - See more at:
Obama's Secret Treaty Which Will Merge America More Deeply Into The Emerging One World System -- The Economic Collapse - Did you know that the Obama administration is negotiating a super secret "trade agreement" that is so sensitive that he isn't even allowing members of Congress to see it?  The Trans-Pacific Partnership is being called the "NAFTA of the Pacific" and "NAFTA on steroids", but the truth is that it is so much more than just a trade agreement.

Tiny Mountain Town -- Tiny House Blog - “There is nothing wrong with this [discarded] material; it is often bought in excess or mis-picked, therefore it cannot be used for the job at hand,” Jeff explains. “I had the space on my property in the mountains to build a tiny home using these discarded materials.” Jeff is definitely a builder, “I love using my hands to create things,” he says. This project was obviously pretty personal to him, and I feel blessed to be “deserving” of this place to call home for now.

A DIY Sling Shot with Big Game Capabilities -- Survival Sherpa - Could you survive in the wilderness with only a sling shot as your weapon?

BC Man Pays $1,500 to Fight $105 Ticket -- Sun News - A New Westminster, B.C., man who paid $1,500 in legal fees to fight a $105 parking ticket said he was making a point because now the municipality won't pay for the cost of arguing his case.

The Seeds of Legal Pot -- Modern Farmer -  For decades, the marijuana seed network has connected through the back pages of publications like High Times or in underground corners of the Internet. But as Colorado marches towards full legalization, Holmes and others are asking their craft be treated like any other agricultural business.  “I want to be the first guy to register a strain of cannabis with the Department of Agriculture under the Plant Variety Protection Act,” he said. “If it’s managed under existing agricultural guidelines, we could study the plant and unlock all kinds of untapped potential.”
No Inflation to See Here -- Sovereign Man - Fact is, inflation benefits those who are in debt up to their eyeballs at the expense of people who have been financially responsible. Yet economists have somehow managed to convince people that inflation is just and necessary.  We all know inflation exists. But we’ve been programmed to shrug it off as if it’s a natural part of the system.

How To Build a Secret Backyard Fire Pit -- The Art of Manliness - [Y]ou’ll be glad to have a place to retreat to this winter, where you can kindle a fire, stare into the flames, and ponder how to become the best man you can be.

A Hydroponic Solution -- Resilient Communities - Crowdsourcing for Non-profit: Windowfarms is a small non-profit company, started by Britta that started as an online project to design a small hydroponics system for urban windows. It’s now relatively successful. How did it get there? The original “Windowfarms Project” squeaked out a win with a raise of $28,205 (with a goal of $25 k) from Kickstarter in January of 2010.  This led to a year of open source design which in turn led to a patenting process to ensure that the design remained open for use.

The Opposite of Manliness -- Return of Kings - Much has been written about manliness and the qualities that make a man a man. It seems to be the chief preoccupation of ancient writings, as they describe what makes some men worthy of honor and others worthy of disdain.
Congressman Warns of Obamacare "Secret Security Force" -- SHTF Plan - Referring to a section of the gargantuan Obamacare law which discusses “the president’s own commissioned and non-commissioned officer corps,” Gohmert drew attention to the notion that under the pretext of a “national emergency,” such individuals could be used to impose some form of medical martial law.
The Truth About Tramp Stamps:

Web Zingers

There's a new chain of tattoo removal clinics starting up called Tramps Without Stamps

I hate the term "Tramp Stamp" because a woman having a tattoo on her lower back doesn't automatically make her a "Tramp."
- Yes, it does, and it's distracting when the tramp is putting out!

I'm 23 and a virgin! I have a lower back tatoo [sic}and Im [sic] not a tramp! so [sic] go stamp moron on you [sic] body somewhere
Im 23 and a virgin! I have a lower back tatoo and Im not a tramp! so go stamp moron on you body somewhere - See more at:
- It's not like it's there for you to stare at, that's for sure. So bend it on over and show us the invitation girl!

HaHa!! The idea that you think a tattoo on the back is a tramp stamp absolutly amuses me!! I just got my first tattoo yesterday and yes, it is on my lower back and it says "cowgirl up." Now tell me-does that make me a tramp.   
- Ummm...

First, I hate the term “Tramp Stamp” because a woman having a lower back tattoo doesn’t automatically make her a “Tramp”.
Yes, it does, and it’s FN distracting when the tramp is putting out.
- See more at:
What if the end of the world is really just grinding boredom and listening to lies on the telescreen until everyone's spleen ruptures?

Is that a mirror in your back pocket?
Cause I see myself in your pants!

What the Mayor Ford Scandal really proves is that even a drunken crackhead is better to have in office than your typical leftist politician. 

I may not be able to do adaptive formation equations or rebuild an engine block, but I have learned a few lessons in my time on this earth.  I’ve learned that no matter how thirsty you are, don’t try to open a beer bottle with your teeth.  I have learned that when your 4 year old looks pale and says “My throat feels funny” you better get her out of your car immediately then stand back.  You know…  life wisdom.

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