Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Speech That Men Will Never Hear

The speech that men will never hear.

"This is the speech that men will never hear. That men are owed. That men are deserved. Tell me if this strikes a chord with you at all. It goes a little something like this.

Dear men, we are incredibly sorry. As a culture, as a society, as woman, as filmmakers, as other men we are incredibly sorry. We have been putting you down for years. We have been insulting you for years. We have been denigrating you for years. We have been caustic. We have been destructive. We have broken you down because we want things from you that are unjust.

In order to get you to bend over backwards for us we had to break your spine. We have relentlessly have pounded you with insults and stereotypes with destructive messages with undermining cliché's and we have pretended that we don't need you. That you are something we put up with like a farty, stinky, ancient dog kept around for mere sentimental reasons. We have exploited you, used you, and thrown you in jail for impossible standards in child support and alimony. We have regularly used the courts and abused you while calling only you the abuser. We have done all that we can to put you down and turn you to the service of our own narcissistic needs.

We are incredibly sorry. We made a huge mistake. The evidence is in that you are essential to the family to the health happiness of children and the health, happiness, and safety of woman. Society lives or dies by your honor. We have been teaching you for decades that you have no honor. That you are pigs. That you are selfish, lazy, greedy, immature, sexually obsessed, and untrustworthy.

We have of course pretended that the money you bring into the relationship; is immaterial. The only thing that matters is our dishes not your work and of course the government will provide us with all the things that you don't, you have become fundamentally much less necessary from a resource standpoint. From a financial standpoint.

We can survive as a family because of the power of the state without you, the father. The children suffer enormously, sometime irrevocably. The girls suffer because the get pampas and arrogant. They think that they can do it all themselves and the boys suffer because they get locked into a state of perpetual adolescence were they have tragically listened to the lies told to them about manhood and femininity. Were they say well, I guess I don't want to be a burden. I'm clearly not necessary to a family in fact I would just be another problem, another straw on the back of my wife's camel-load of endless chores. I'm obviously dangerous, bullying, selfish, lazy, greedy, and grabby so I will not burden a woman.

The new nobility for men is simply not to get involved in any of this stuff anymore because, when you are told you are a problem, a burden, when your told you're a foolish farty family pet that's constantly knocking over all the wonderful beautiful feminine china in the known universe then what you do is say I will absent myself from this situation because I don't want to be an additional burden.

As a result for men it is consider honorable at a very deep level to not involve themselves in family life. To not get married. To not be an additional burden and to not cause additional problems for the long suffering woman who obviously do a great job raising children without men. In fact seem very eager to have men out of their lives because this portrayal of men as selfish scratchy slobs. The new heroism, the new nobility, the new honor for men is to not impose their needy, empty, grabby and destructive selves on the noble woman.

This is what male nobility has been tortured into. It's changed from recognition that woman and children need men desperately to have a healthy functioning happy family life. For children to grow up wise, mature, and responsible. It is now become well; my nobility is to not get married. My contribution to society is to avoid marriage and fatherhood. Woman have got it and I'm told that I'm just constantly a burden. I'm told that I'm a negative so; I am going to avoid that.

The apology will never come. Nobody will say to you we're so sorry. We put you down. We humiliate you. We told you that you were unnecessary. That you were a burden and the fact is that we were completely wrong. We as a culture have destroyed the family and it's only getting worse. Men, we need you, Men, husbands, providers, we need you. We thought we could do it with the state and that means the children are born heavily in debt to fatherless homes. To shitty schools. To a life of underachievement and increased criminality, of distractedness, of very little ability to forward plan and to defer gratification. All the things it requires to be good husbands in the long run.

We are so sorry. We were completely wrong, Men, please come back."

-Stefan Molyneux

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