Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hump Day - November 6, 2013

Relationship Game Week -- Chateau Heartiste - Around the four month mark you’re going to start taking your girlfriend on weekend trips, unless you are a beta, in which case you will be planning romantic weekends before you’ve even kissed her. Romantic (read: nonstop bedroom pounding) getaways include bed and breakfasts in the mountains, oceanview hotels or beach house rentals, horseback riding, ski chalets, quaint cottages in Tuscany (if you’ve got discretionary cash and you like her so much that you don’t mind wasting a trip to Italy on her instead of pursuing the local Italian women), and camping if she’s the outdoorsy type.

Relationship Game Week: Subtle Dominance Plays -- Chateau Heartiste - Reader PA left a comment describing how he once held his woman’s hand “against the grain” as they walked — that is, his hand was behind her hand. He said she did not like the unnatural feel of it.

Relationship Game Week: Agree and Amplify -- Chateau Heartiste - The concept is simple. When you are hit with a shit test, agree with your girl, and then amplify your agreement. Here are some examples:

GIRL: “Why didn’t you call last night? Are you dating someone else?”
YOU: “Yep, I’ve got a harem to service. Be happy you’re in the top tier.”

Relationship Game Week: A Reader's Journey -- Chateau Heartiste - The coda to this week’s relationship game posts is a sampling of comments from reader Dave from Hawaii, a guy who kills wild boar with a knife for fun, wherein he discusses his transformation from nagged beta husband of a contemptuous wife to alpha husband of a loving, grateful, gina tingly wife (same woman!), all by assiduously applying to his marriage the core principles and yes, even the specific tactics, of Game. Read and be inspired. You too can improve your love life, inside and outside of marriage.

Relationship Game Thoughts -- Chateau Heartiste -  Love like an idealist, think like a cynic.

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