Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Hump Day (Is For Chumps) - LJBF Special

"...there are extremely female men who are to be found always in the apartments of the women, and who are interested in nothing but love and sexual matters. Such men, however, are not the Don Juans." -- Otto Weininger, Sex and Character, Male and Female Sexuality


Friendship: Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter -- The Book of Pook 

The woman enters the house followed by a guy. The guy is all smiles thinking that great acts of intimacy are about to occur. But, alas, the woman launches into a rant about men.

“My ex-boyfriend was such a jerk,” she began. “Why is it that men treat me so roughly?”

The guy then transformed into Mr. Sensitive. “There, there,” he purrs. “They do not know how great you are! You are beautiful, lovely, enchanting, dazzling in every way, and they are idiots when they cannot see it.”

“You are so nice! What a friend you are!” she squeals. “Let me tell you more of my problems with men…”

And so the guy, who was excited because great acts of intimacy would occur, leaves severely disappointed with a hollow feeling echoing throughout him. “I thought that through friendship, love would eventually spring. How wrong I was! A friend she sees, a friend you be.”

When he entered the house, the guy noticed a sign above the door. At the time, he was too excited to even CONSIDER reading it. Now that he was leaving, he read it. “So true!” he cried. For the sign above the door read:

"Friendship - Abandon all hope ye who enter!" -- The Book of Pook


 Why "Just Be Friends" -- The Book of Pook

Once a girl sees you as a friend, you will always be a friend.

The only way 'out' of it is to use sexual tension. Stare at her eyes a bit longer. Start looking at her in 'that' way. Take your thought and send it to her through your eyes, face, and behavior.

Don't worry, she'll receive it.

Based on her reaction, you'll know what to do.

You are thinking in a GIRLS FOR DATING vs. GIRLS FOR FRIENDS. Rather, try thinking in a NO SEXUAL TENSION vs. SEXUAL TENSION.

If you try to ask out a chick who you knew in a 'non sexuality' way, you will be LJBF. You need to bring in the sexuality.

She will notice something is *different*. She will think something is 'growing' between the two of you.

And she'll like it (if not, she won't send any *sexuality* back). -- The Book of Pook


Never Allow a Woman to Call You a Friend Until You've Had Sex at Least Once -- Bonecrker - ...if you start out as “friends”, there will never be even a shred of respect for you. You are NEVER a friend to her. You are that guy she keeps around that isn’t good enough to be her lover.

You Mean Nothing To A Woman Until You've Had Sex -- Bonecrcker - A man can expect a woman to act as if nothing is going on, to fade on him, flake on him, play rapo and other games, string him along, forget his name, and a million other things that say he just doesn't matter. All that goes away (except for psycho chicks) after the first time you have sex.


Are you a slave?  If so, you cannot be a friend.  Are you a tyrant?  If so, you cannot have friends.    In woman, a slave and a tyrant have all too long been concealed.  For that reason, woman is not yet capable of friendship: she knows only love.    In a woman's love is injustice and blindness towards all that she does not love.  And in the enlightened love of a woman, too, there is still the unexpected attack and lightning and night, along with the light.    Woman is not yet capable of friendship: women are still cats and birds.  Or, at best, cows.    Woman is not yet capable of friendship.  But tell me, you men, which of you is yet capable of friendship? -- Freiderich Nietzsche 

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