Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sunday Linkage, 2nd Issue, October 27, 2013

The Week's Harvest: Apples -- Organic Prepper

How to Build a Cabin for Under $500 -- Solar Burrito

The Great Hamster Wheel -- Matt Forney

Why Have Young People In Japan Stopped Having Sex? -- Zero Hedge

Why Have Sex? -- The Advanced Apes
Japan Going Off-The-Grid, Post Nuclear Future One Town at a Time -- Off The Grid: Free Yourself 

13 Pictures of Crazy Goats on Cliffs -- 22 Words

The Financial System Was Within Hours Of Absolute Collapse -- Art Cashin (Recalling the '87 Crash)

House Tour: Whitney and Adam's Live/Work Canal Cottage -- Apartment Therapy 

Female Bias in STEM: A Bayesian Explanation -- Return of Kings
How Badly Will Obamacare Screw You? Answers Here! -- Market Ticker (Holy cow! And I thought Canada's healthcare was a useless sinkhole!)

For First Time, Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana -- Gallup  “The greatest service which can be rendered any country is to add a useful plant to its culture.” -- Thomas Jefferson 

Brown Bag Ban: Fed Gov Tells Preschool Parents No Lunch From Home Without a Doctor's Note -- Organic Prepper 

How to Make Your Own Natural Dyes -- Modern Farmer

A Final Solution for Abortion and Bastardy -- Return of Kings
Ideas Whose Time Have Come -- Fred Reed 

Dangerous Freedom vs. Peaceful Slavery -- A Lightning War for Liberty

Thomas Jefferson's Farming Failures -- Modern Farmer 

This Country Was Not Built By Beta Males -- Gavin McInnes/Taki's Magazine

Hitler's Furies: Ordinary secretaries, nurses and wives -- Lynn Joyce Hunter
Poetry Interlude: Some selections from Canada's worst poet, on dairy farming -- Patriactionary 

Woe to the Little Boys -- Apocalypse Cometh

Man Enters Burning House to Rescue Beer -- MS News Now

Road Test - The Earthfire Pizza Oven -- Real Men Can Cook

Primeval Symbiosis - Single Pole House -- Tiny House Design 
Web Zingers

Re: Central Banks: "I endorse the 1130 AD English solution that involves right hand and both testicle removal for money adulterators."


"...the Fed, that glorious redistributor of wealth from the middle class to the 1%, while happy to adhere to that old saying: "a funded welfare program a day, keeps the guillotines away"..."


Listen To Me Rant said: "[Hitler] was a veg-head, an animal lover to a pathological level, and he wanted his government to tell everyone how to live, what was acceptable, and who gets what in the way of material goods and services. In other words, an engineered society, see also socialism.

And here's what you'll mostly like best; he either imprisoned or killed people who didn't agree with him! Often he did both!"

Response: "To be fair to the Fuhrer, he was not one of those campaigning vegetarians. He did not object to Goering's love of hunting." 

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