Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hump Day - October 30, 2013

The Sixteen Commandments of Poon -- Chateau Heartiste - 1). Never Say 'I Love You' First, 2). Make Her Jealous, 3). You Shall Make Your Mission - Not Your Woman - Your Priority, 4). Don't Play By Her Rules, 5). Adhere To The Golden Ration, 6). Keep Her Guessing, 7). Always Keep Two In The Kitty, 8). Say You're Sorry Only When Absolutely Necessary, 9). Connect With Her Emotions, 10). Ignore Her Beauty, 11). Be Irrationally Self Confident, 12). Maximize Your Strengths, Minimize Your Weaknesses, 13). Err On The Side Of Too Much Boldness, Rather Than Too Little, 14). Fuck Her Good, 15). Maintain Your State Control, 16). Never Be Afraid To Lose Her

Yes, They Lied to You -- Alpha Game - ... you can also try mentally placing "Right now, I feel" in front of every female assertion. Men would be far less confused and get themselves into far less emotional turmoil if they would simply understand that "I will always love you" means "[Right now, I feel] I will always love you". Which, unlike the literal statement, implies that tomorrow that might not be the case. Again, let her actions be your guide. And try to remember that harboring anger and hatred at women for their dynamic and unreliable nature is rather like being angry at a kangaroo for bouncing. It's not just what they do, it is a structural element of what they are

There Is No ONE -- The Rational Male - There is no ONE. This is the soulmate myth. There are some good Ones and some bad Ones, but there is no ONE. Anyone telling you anything else is selling you something. There are LOTS of ‘special someones’ out there for you, just ask the divorced/widowed person who’s remarried after their “soulmate” has died or moved on.

Pook Man's Advice To The Suffering Newbie -- The Book of Pook - When birds try to fly into the cage, wouldn't you think something is wrong with that bird? After all, who wants a bird that WANTS to be in the cage? No, women want the birds that are FREE, WILD, and BEAUTIFUL. They want A GOOD CATCH. Good Catches do not fly into cages. Only wounded or needy birds do.

The Number One Corrupter Of Women -- RooshV - What is a bar? It’s a social venue where women can receive attention from men at predictably constant rates. Every approach performed will increase her worth. Every hot stud who lays pipe inside her via a one-night stand will reinforce in her mind that she deserves Mr. Perfect. These men feed her ego like an IV bag nourishes a surgery patient.
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Bowls (Click Picture for Recipe)
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Bowls -- The Bachelor Chefs -  I saw a version of these bouncing around a few sites recently and I couldn’t help but think about how impressive they’d be to a lady-friend that may have been lucky enough to get to stay over. I gave them a shot one morning…lets just say, I was right.

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